Sportive Events

It is proven that a healthy way of practicing sports for example half- hour walk 3times a week, can extend your life with 10 years!

We believe in this "medicine" and want to encourage Sportive Events accessible for all of us.

But there’s more good news. Research has also found that sport participation can positively affect your mental health ;

it improves your mood,  your concentration, reducing stress and depression, improves sleep, boosts your self-confidence, can be linked to leadership traits, prevent weight gain.

On top the social aspect making friends during a sportive event.

Extra Mile Sportive Events;

accessible sports; walking, cycling,...where you can join us in a group of colleagues, friends or as individuals. We take care of the full program, you can just concentrate on your body, your mind, your friends or colleagues.

Let us create your Active Event;  tailor made to the needs of your group.